Who, What & Why is 3TWO1?


We are a brother and sister team, Neil and Linda. We cook, we CrossFit, we feed our families and we share a passion to create food that tastes a good as it looks.


We want to arm you with easy-to-understand cooking techniques and recipes supporting your Paleo/Primal lifestyle.


  • We’ve found a lot of folks out there are keen to eat better and try a more ‘Paleo’ way to cook but they are daunted by the process. There is a lot of confusion concerning food and cooking, particularly around this dietary approach. We are here to show you that it’s not that difficult. We are here to help.
  • It’s fun for us. We actually love to cook. It runs in our family: Our Mom was a fantastic cook and Dad made sure we sampled all of the foods of the world that we could. Our brother Grant was an awesome foodie and cook. Throughout our lives, there is a common thread of food as an important way to celebrate life as well as for optimal nutrition and medicine.

Now 3-TWO-1…GO EAT!!

Kiker/Nabbefeld blog team
Kiker/Nabbefeld blog team

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