20140418-113244.jpgIt’s Easter, and here in Australia, nothing says the season has arrived like seeing packets of yummy Hot Cross Buns showing up in the local bakeries and markets.

For all my support of the Paleo lifestyle, I admit to loving a soft, fragrant, wheaty bun full of currants and allspice. If you don’t stop me, I’ll easily devour the typical 6-pack in less than 5 minutes.

So for the first year of attending it, we’ve decided to actually bake some buns to enter in the Good Friday Bayswater Bun Bake-Off. And true to my typical ‘what the hell’ attitude, we are trialling a doctored, gluten-free version. No we haven’t tested it…don’t laugh.

If it works, I promise to post the recipe.

Ok I gotta run. Wish us luck.

(3 hours later)

Just back from the Bake-Off and we have Good News and Really Good News to report: The gluten-free buns we made were actually wonderful, though a wee bit burned on the bottom (which Clare pointed out to all of the voters…LOL). AND WE TIED FOR THIRD PLACE out of 9 participants. Yea, us!

So since it was a success, here’s the recipe. Oh, two big hints: Do not over-bake them and don’t skimp on the spice.


1 Egg
275 ml Milk, warm
50 g Butter, melted


350 g Gluten-free Flour
2 tsp Chia seeds
2 tsp Allspice powder
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
50 g Castor sugar
1 sachet Dried yeast
100 g Currants
1/2 handful Candied orange peel, diced small

Small amount oil (macadamia, grape seed, etc)
Small amount honey


PREHEAT oven to 200C.

MIX all Dry ingredients.

ADD egg and butter to Dry Ingredients. Then slowly mix in the warm milk. You’ll create a sticky dough…it’s supposed to be that way.

OIL the work surface and the baking tin you’ll be putting the buns on. I used grape seed oil but you can use macadamia, etc.

TIP the dough onto the oiled surface.

OIL your hands. Then shape lumps of dough into 12 buns.

PLACE buns on baking tray with about an inch between them, to give them room to expand.

COVER buns with oiled cling-film and place tray in quiet warm spot. Allow buns rise and double in size (about 1 hour).

(After rising)

PUSH raised buns together in center of tray.

MAKE crosses on top of buns. To create the “cross”, mix together a couple tablespoons of the flour, a tablespoon of oil and water. Put the mixture into a ziplock plastic bag. Snip a corner of the bag and neatly pipe the mixture across the buns.

BAKE for about 20 minutes until brown. Watch that you don’t burn the underside!

REMOVE and cool.

GLAZE buns by brushing on small amount of honey.

SERVE warm with lashings of organic butter.

Adapted from


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kikerchef says:

    Okay bro, go create! And I will try and withhold all “bun” jokes.


    1. ninjaneil says:

      Haha!! If we can make jokes about Snatches in CrossFit, we can surely make jokes about my buns being baked!


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