We here at 3TWO1 like to talk about three things. Food, lifestyle and exercise (aka CrossFit). This last weekend I had a chance to hit each category. Er, maybe one more than the others. But let’s not get all hung up on that.


So my hubby and I jump into the car and motor up to Vail. The reason being; and I quote “Linda must be appeased.” I don’t for the life of me know what he’s talking about… oh alright, alright. Sometimes other people notice the need for you to change things up. He is perceptive and smart. Shout out to Mr. K. 🙂


The food part of the weekend was really great. Hey, I cook for a living and it’s the most important part-short of people. People are important too. Ever notice when you go on vacation you have to struggle to get what you need?  And you end up feeling super gross at the end?  Oh yeah, that was real fun-now I’m puffy. We were pretty successful in foraging some satisfying meals. And we did travel with a few key items like nuts, almond butter, an apple, grass fed butter, coffee grounds and our cute little pour over coffee filter for “bullet proof” style coffee in the morning. And of course there was a little wine-that’s just because. Our biggest win was at a restaurant called Mountain Standard. The chefs had this dish named “Animal Crackers.” It was “a bowl of calories” as the waiter said- fried pig ears, beef tendon, chicken skin and something else that I can’t remember, but you get the idea. When I look at something like this I just think, “well my body is going to recognize the fat.” And that is all you think, because you stop thinking, you just begin to race the other diner at the table to all of the crispy bits. This sort of dish sure is making a showing in restaurants around Denver too. If you get a chance go and try some. You won’t be disappointed.



The lifestyle part came with trips to the hot tub, trips to the hotel bar, holding hands, sleeping in and actually having conversations. Time to decompress and enjoy life a little bit!


Let’s talk exercise. It wasn’t a last thought. Really. We did some pretty freaking rigorous snow shoeing. It was Spring conditions so in CrossFit fashion one of our layers of shirts were removed. I don’t have a picture of that because it’s just not as interesting as the crispy fried stuff picture.


Last weekend for me was about being more aware of living NOW, taking care of myself and loving that special someone. And always seek out fried pork anything.



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