Neil’s visit continues. Man are we having some fun.

We went to Boulder to do some Foodie Hunting and Gathering. What a great time that was:

  • Buying heaps of spices from our favorite store Savory Spice Shop
  • Cooking-implement-envy at Peppercorn (over an hour oohing and aahhing)
  • Browsing the Boulder Bookstore (getting lost for an hour in the stacks)

Finally ending up at Pupusas Sabor Hispano for a late lunch of tasty Salvadoran and Mexican food (don’t be bored…Neil has a massive Mexican habit to fill before he heads back to Perth). The food’s incredible and the staff are so sweet. The place is well worth the trip from Denver.


I did the Games Open WOD 14.3 and “kicked it in the taco”… that’s Neil talking. Unfortunately, he just watched the WOD; still suffering the beginning of a cold and being careful with his left shoulder before it’s surgery in April/May. BUT, he does fabulous cheerleading and was my official photographer. Check out the hilarious picture of me and Coach Courtney watching a competitor.


Was a pretty laid back day. Eric the Hubby took the Open WOD and crushed it nicely. Go hubby!

We ended that day with friends over for dinner of a Lamb Shanks (rubbed with spices and bacon drippings) and Root Vegetable Purée…even a bit of red wine and honey flavoured vodka. And before you blast us for the alcohol there are some good points to it if appropriately managed (see Mark Sisson’s post).

If you want the recipes from this meal, let us know!

Neil’s still feeling his cold a bit but is ignoring it (“boring” is the word he used). The weather has been glorious so no excuse for staying indoors. We’re keeping up the CrossFit, eating as much as possible, plan on checking out some movies (maybe Wes Anderson’s new one) and getting all up in what Denver has to offer.

The trip is nearing the half-way point but there is still heaps to do. Keep following for more updates.

Linda (and Neil)



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