Neil’s arrived! Touchdown in Denver complete. He called it a “shocking series of flights.” We are laughing over coffee this morning because he says it’s a 1st World problem to complain about jet lag after 14 hours in Business class. He was also asked to move to the lounge area to watch movies (against his will). He was denied the luxury of his fancy chair with massage function because his entertainment system wasn’t working. Oh yes folks, he suffered.

After arriving, he excitedly asked where we were having dinner. Of course, Mexican is always on the menu. Cut to Pinche Tacos. I’ll give you a snap shot: crowded, noisy room, community table, fast service and fantastic food. We’ve included a pic of the pork belly taco. It’s fuzzy but you get the idea.

An hour or so later after filling guts, we were off to Verve for open gym. Weight day for me, Neil following along when appropriate for the manky left shoulder and mission accomplished. Back home, more food, funny conversation with inebriated husband (he was celebrating his score on 14.2) and bed.

Up early today. Neil tagging along while I work. Open gym later for training. Then exploring LoHi.



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