If I could’ve put a million exclamation points on the end of that title it wouldn’t be enough. The one and only “ninjaneil”, from this very blog, will be visiting his little sis (kikerchef) in but 2 days. If you don’t know, I’ll tell you. I live in the USA while Neil lives in Australia. We haven’t seen each other for 2 long years! There is much anticipation and I’m plain freaking excited (exclamation points to infinity and beyond)!!!!

During this visit we will eat copious amounts of Mexican food, do a few WODs, visit our younger bro, go to the mountains and cook together.

This last activity you all will be benefitting from. We’ll post our daily food journey while he’s here. This is when the real fun begins folks – brother and sister in the kitchen together. My kitchen is a galley style, you know, the kind that’s narrow and usually only allows for one cook. What I like to call “efficient.” So we will be bumping elbows and fighting for space. We’re gonna share the fruits of our labor, so get ready.

Pictured below: My happy place!



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