L1070067Oh wow. Is anybody else painfully aware that The CrossFit Games season is upon us?!! The open is less than 2 months away. Once I realized that (today!) I hit the kitchen running. Time for some major food production. It must all be super nutritious, good for recovery food!! How else am I gonna get through those dang open WODs?  You will find no recipes in this post, only a rundown of my activity to prep enough food for a very busy and hungry Cross Fitter.

Here we go:
1. Need a little bulk, so I steamed up some rice cooked with pastured butter and chicken stock.
2. Sweet potatoes for recovery-roasted with a little curry powder and ginger (these two spices are great for reducing inflammation).
3. Made a crap ton of roast vegetables (asparagus, onion, brussels sprouts, squash, fennel, carrots) seasoned only with salt and pepper. I’ll season them with the cool spices as I go and they’ll be great in the marinara I made.
4. Steamed and pureed some cauliflower (add some pastured butter and coconut milk to thin it out to a mashed potato consistency).
5. Sauteed a bunch of kale in garlic and olive oil.
6. Made some friggin amazing chicken wings with a dry rub (will post a recipe very soon).
7. Made beef patties for a quick fry up during the week.
8. …and finally fried some sausage with onion and spinach.

Get your own CrossFit self into that kitchen and hit it hard! Your nutrition is never more important!

I’m now ready to watch the Broncos play in their playoff game as well. GO BRONCOS!!


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