2013 Reebok Crossfit Games WOD 13.1…or “How I Got My Miserable Ass Handed To Me On A Stinky Paper Plate And Loved It”

I’m counting down to my surgery but as it’s 3 weeks away, I’m not slowing down on my training. Oh, I am being careful of the overhead work though I still do the odd Pull-up and Thruster. The shoulder actually doesn’t really hurt but it does feel odd. Maybe I’m more aware of it so I’m more cautious. Not much but definitely more than usual.

The owners of the Crossfit box we go to are letting me come down and do extra strength work as well as form practice (I call it ‘patterning’ because of my movement therapy background). And all of the coaches have been exceptionally helpful with extra advice and coaching (thanks recently to Tim for a great 30 minutes of Snatch coaching). I feel this environment of training and support is and will be crucial to a speedy and positive recovery. Why the hell should I just lay down and veg out?! It’s the perfect time to learn and plant seeds for future lifting success.

Now comes the 2013 Reebok Crossfit Games, with all of the hype of a Star Wars movie and the power of a locomotive! F$ck f$ck f$ck!!! I can’t ignore it. My shoulder isn’t THAT bad…as long as they stay clear of Snatches and Burpees until WOD 13.4 I’ll be fine, as I’ll be in retirement for a few months (hospital).

WOD 13.1
Burpees and Snatches and Burpees and Snatches and Burpees and Snatches…and so forth.

First thought- Shit. Shit shit double shit.
Second thought- Suck it up, Princess Prissy Pants; this is Crossfit!

I won’t give you a blow-by-blow description of how i survived and thrived during that WOD and I don’t intend to bore you with the details of how I handle all the upcoming WODs either. But I would like to share some insights from taking part last year and my experience so far at this Games:

1. It’s a competition. Get revved up! It helps you focus and it cements your commitment.
2. Do not puss out when it seems like you can’t go on. You might choose to slack off a bit during your weekly WODs but don’t do it here: get stuck in hard at the comps. Yes, pacing helps but try real hard not to just stand there heaving like a dying balloon. Change a weight, take a few secs then jump on that Pull-up bar or get up on that freaking box.
3. Get some friends to come down and scream at your sorry ass. Honestly, you might feel like punching them in the face at the time (even though you don’t have the energy) but it really helps motivate you to push through.
4. Have fun. It’s a massive rush no matter how ‘elite’ you are.
5. To those athletes that think their performance was so much more awesome than mine: It felt just as tough for me to do at my level of fitness as it did for you. I salute your abilities but the guts and character exhibited by you is the same as the 45-year old desk driver that didn’t do anything harder than walking to his car before he got sucked into the insane Crossfit playground. We all stand in the same place.
6. Be proud of your self. You are doing something few humans today do: Pushing your boundaries. It doesn’t matter if you don’t win. Statistically you aren’t top of the leaderboard now and probably won’t be at the end of the 5 weeks. However it DOES matter if you show up at the WODs and it sure as f$ck matters if you competed to see just how far you can push yourself. The pain you’ll feel is a blip on your life-clock; 18 minutes of suffering are nothing compared to months and years of satisfaction from saying “I did this!”

So…bring on 13.2!!



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