Ever have one of those days where comfort food was top on the list?  Today was the day for me. My search did not begin well. I royally screwed up my morning pancakes (they NEVER go wrong). And then, adding insult to injury, I watched helplessly as my cooking student did some gorgeous food. Worse yet, I came home thinking this was my time. I was going to make a childhood favorite… Fried chicken gizzards!! Yea!! Uh, no. Denied.

I then turned my attentions to some lonely boneless pork ribs in the frig. Remembering that one of my gym mates had mentioned a great blogger/Paleo foodie named “Paleo Pilipino”,  I turned to her for help. I changed  the recipe a little and voila. Success. About damn time! Comfort food finally achieved.

It is with a great sense of relief and comfort that I now publish this recipe…whining complete.


4-8 Pork loin ribs (the big fatties–bone in or not doesn’t matter)
1/4 C White balsamic vinegar
3/4 C Tamari
2 Bay leaves
Salt & pepper
Dash of Cayenne pepper (*optional)


Heat oven to 275 degrees F/135 degrees C

LINE a rimmed baking dish with a large piece of  heavy foil (you’ll need enough to fold it into a packet)

PLACE meat side by side into the foil lined dish.

ADD all of the other ingredients and TIGHTLY cover. (make sure nothing can escape this packet!)

BAKE 3-4 hours.

Oh man are you gonna be happy with this. Spoon some of those juices over the tender pork and you’re set. I’m serving mine with some rice with a little coconut milk, chopped pineapple and cilantro added.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ninjaneil says:

    I made these last week…OMG they were AWESOME!!! I’m going to add a bit of cut chili next time. Keep em’ coming, Linda-Linda!


  2. kikerchef says:

    Oh, you know I will 🙂


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