Even with a shoulder injury, you can rock the Kettle Bells!

It’s Week 7 of my Shoulder Injury Journey. Looking back, it’s actually more like Month 7 since I think I’ve been dealing with this for awhile. But if you want a date of diagnosis (ie the MRI scan), then yeah, it’s only been a couple months.

So I’m pretty chuffed to say that I’m feeling pretty good about things:

1) I discovered I might not actually need as much ‘stitchage’ as I thought.

2) With the help of MEGA doses of supplements (not cheap, either…I can list them if you want) and great health professionals like Bec The Wonder Physio and Dr. Whiteside The Dealer of Temporary Pain for Ultimate Healing (ask me about him sometime), both shoulders have settled down with their pain.

3) In particular, the left shoulder nerve pinch is 80% gone. Thank freakin’ gawd, cuz that was pissing me off like you wouldn’t believe. Like a toothache that would not go away.

4) Recent bloodwork results showed I have heathy über high or low levels of all markers like cholesterol, testosterone, cortisol, etc…most markers off the charts into X-Man territory…BOOYAW to you, old age. So, no testosterone injections needed. Doc was very impressed, though he did ask me to get more sun to up my Vit D (oh, THAT’S why Crossfitters rip their shirts off in a WOD). See, the Paleo diet and Crossfit works!

5) With some creative scaling, I can still bust a nut training at Crossfit but not do any damage to the shoulders.

One of the big pluses has been realising that this was the perfect time to attack my weak areas. I figured if I wasn’t going to be able to do any slammin’ overhead lifting, at least I could kick my legs into shape and work on things like the hip ‘snap’ necessary for most of the Oly Lifts and many of the Crossfit movements: Snatch, Jerk, Push Press to name a few; Kettle Bell Swings (only supposed to go to 90 degrees…oops see me going a bit higher here….bad Neil BAD Neil)…even Kipping Pullups, Toes to Bar and Burpees. All are examples of movements that need that hip pop.

I’ve scaled down the weights, too. It might be a contributing factor to sustaining that tendon tear in the first place. I admit to doing the typical newbie thing of seeing RX as being the goal, rather than working harder to master the technique and get the nervous system in the groove first. It’s so f’g hard not to try to keep up with your mates in a hard WOD, even when you know it’s not a good idea. But putting the reins on that horse is crucial, whether your injured or not…’cause it’s a sure way to GET injured.

What’s helped me alot is to see the scaled WOD’s as times to get the technique right with repetition. So I’ve been trying to get into my groove with Cleans, Strict Pullups, Kettle Bells Swings, Rowing, Front Squats and Back Squats (go deeeeep, Neil) and running. And you know what: My workouts are still hard as shit and I’m beginning to find those sweet spots when lifts feel smooth, when running isn’t destroying me, when I can go from exercise to exercise with less rest.

This is not a bad time for me. I am learning a lot. I’ve learned that age is nothing, certainly not an excuse to sit on the couch and moan about your aches and pains. And it’s certainly no excuse for performing badly… I’ve already put the young bucks on notice at the box. I’m learning that attention to detail is very very important. I’m learning how to eat better, supplement better, sleep better. It’s all stuff that I might not have learned another way. It’s a sad fact that we Nabbefeld’s learn best in the School of Hard Knocks. Maybe I’m just not that smart. But what I learn does stick with me and that DOES make me smarter every day.

You know what? I’m registering for the Reebok Games tomorrow. Whose joining me??? WOOT WOOT!


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