When I was a kid I ate everything I wanted. Blah, blah, blah. Oh yeah, I used to say that too. I had terrible stomach aches, dizziness and there was some puking. Could’ve predicted that one.

I was an athlete my entire childhood. Not super great, but good enough. Bet my dietary choices killed my chances at getting any better. Oh well. A typical snack session: a package of Sweet Tarts, a couple handfuls of Doritos (loved them) and a huge dill pickle. Yep, it didn’t stop there either. Pretty sure Velveeta and hotdogs were involved too. I should be dead.

Stay with me here as I wind my way to my point. 😉 I was at a 4 day CrossFit camp this last week. It was for people who are serious about their CF and compete. They trained us real hard (2-3 wods/day and many training sessions) and fed us two giant meals each day. The whole meal deal was a big one for me. They told us that directly after workouts like these that we needed to eat and then eat some more. Oh gross, who wants to do that?! I just want my protein shake and a sip of water thanks. Skip (owner of Front Range CrossFit here in Denver) told us that when you’re doing this much “volume”, you must consume major quantities of carbs, fruit and protein to recover. Seems logical on some level, but I’ve never actually done that. Do any of you do that?! Here’s the list of food from just one session: grilled chicken, mini beef burgers, mixed peppers, steamed broccoli and carrots, pasta (yes pasta), shredded cheese, butter, white rice (there it is-I do not trust this rice), melon/berries and gallons of whole milk plopped down on each table. I did as I was told. AND IT WORKED! I had energy, my muscles weren’t that sore and I came back every day ready to do it all over again. And yeah, my stomach was full. And yeah, after day 2 I had gained 2 pounds. I’m not sure if it’s still there. Who cares. I feel good.

The take away: It’s my opinion that eating is your cornerstone. Don’t do it right and you suffer. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Know what I do for work? A personal chef. I feed others. (sometimes with more care than I have for myself in the past). Don’t have any illusions that I’m perfect since I cook all the time. I work full time, I have a family, I make it to the gym real regular-like and I get tired. So I struggle plenty to make sure we eat well. But I’m committed. No excuses for putting my needs or the needs of my family last. As far as nutritional instruction..I’m no expert. I have experience on my side. I really don’t have a list of the exact quantities of food to eat. Everybody is different and it’s just not that easy. Nothing is, if you ask me. I CAN share how I eat, though. I’ve been eating Paleo for a year now (I drink liquor, I eat sugar on occasion, I eat a corn chip or two every now and then) and all of my recent blood work proves that it works. My philosophy is to eat a big variety of foods and eat “close to nature.” No processed crap. I eat vegetables, grass fed or organic meats, good fats (coconut, avocado, olive oil, almond oil, ghee, bacon fat), nuts, fruits..just good solid food. And go see a doctor every now and then for a physical. You need to have blood work done to make sure you’re feeding yourself right. If there’s some of you out there that have big health concerns, then do your homework and make it YOUR business to figure it out. For those of you saying, “we can’t afford organic food.” I get it, it’s expensive. Just do what you can do. We all seem to find ways to get what we want in this life. Why should this be any different?

My goal: I want to continue to put on some weight and muscle. My plan: increase my calories even more. Absolutely no skipping meals. Ever. More vegetables and greens every meal and more protein every meal. Also, I’m going to open the door to some white rice and even more sweet potatoes (gawd, I eat so many already). Please don’t let me gain 50 pounds. I just got those skinny jeans!

Final words. If you’ve been following my brother’s shoulder issues on this blog you should be hearing both of our messages by now:


Now. Go eat something. And stretch.



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