First off, big high fives all around for my awesome sis Linda and her great hubby Eric to celebrate their recent attendance at a 4-day Crossfit Winter Training Camp in Colorado. They trained large, ate large and generally got their Beast-Modes well and truly on! Keep an eye out for them at the upcoming Reebok Open Games (fingers crossed, eyes squeezed shut)! Also a HUGE shout out for my partner Rob’s big performance at yesterday’s WOD at our box (Cooee Crossfit, Perth Western Australia) when he actually finished using Rx weights and before one of the coaches…he was so stoked. This from a guy who thought Crossfit was a bunch of crap when he first saw it. Woot woot!!

Now for my ongoing news: Damn, but my left shoulder nerve pain is boring. It is getting better and I do see the light at the end of the tunnel but it’s still there and it’s pissing me off. It’s all I can think about lately: how to get rid of it; how to get around it; what supplements can I take. I’m coming to grips with my upcoming right shoulder surgery (which btw may not need to be as significantly “stitchy” as first feared) and how to train around it. But this stupid nerve impingement makes me wanna hit something while its healing. So fucking slow…

The only time I feel great is when I’m training. Not just stretching and mobilising stiff tissue and joints; those are necessary activities. But they don’t make my head and body shout like actively moving and pushing myself.

(DING…) That’s the sound of bells ringing cuz I figured something out: Pushing myself safely keeps me strong, my pain manageable and my mind clear. So its necessary to my recovery.

I’ve attached a few links I found talking about the effects of strength training on managing pain so you know I’m not making this shit up:

It can be a very counterintuitive idea to someone so uncomfortable that all they want to do is crawl into their pain cave, curl up and do nothing. At times, it makes my job (helping folks deal with their own pain and rehab issues) very hard to do. This is not who I am normally. But apparently it is right now.

So, my daily prescription has to include a solid training session. Obviously I need to train safely, build in normal rest periods, vary the types of training, get massage, physio, chiro and acupuncture, then get my shoulder surgery and do the rehab. But sweaty, intense Crossfit sessions (had to sub the rowing machine for Pull-ups recently…holy shit do I need some work on that demon machine), butt-destroying stair training, sprint and distance running (I’m eyeing you, Matty), and core-blasting Pilates workouts HAVE to be done…no excuses.

My posse at Kings Park
My posse at Kings Park, Perth WA

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  1. kikerchef says:

    If it’s one thing I’ve learned to date is to carefully examine how you’re feeling each day. You need to be honest with yourself: “Can I push it today or should I be a little careful and MINDFUL of my needs?” Bottom line is be aware and proactive in all things!
    Neil, you’re doing great with the mental and physical prep for the surgery. Move forward, bro.


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