One of the snack kits I make before motoring out the door at 5.30am.

This ain’t that candied-up crap they sell that pretends to be good for you but is, in fact, full of processed sugar. Our version is a mega-high protein, high-flavour snack that packs a nutritional whollop that I could even argue to be a meal on it’s own. The meat is definitely Paleo (though you’ll need to either make your own or source a low-sugar, no-nitrate version in your neighbourhood); the macadamia’s contain thiamine, and selenium which goes straight to your reproductive organs…yay for that (read more here and appreciate the irony-; the berries are fantastic sources of antioxidants…and they taste great. All in all, it’s a savoury, sweet, slightly salty party in your mouth.

This isn’t a brand new idea. Native American Indians used to make a high-energy travel food called ‘pemmican’. It’s kinda like bashed-up jerky with foraged fruit (such as blueberries, cherries, currants) thrown into it. If you want to take a stab at making pemmican, check out Mark Sisson’s attempt at it:

Our ‘version’ is easier and gets the job done. Be sure to let us know if this works for you and any ‘tweeks’ you make to the recipe.

Note: This also makes an excellent holiday gift for a fellow Crossfitter!


1 C Macadamia nuts, raw unsalted
Approx. 4 oz/ 100 g Biltong or Jerky, low-sugar and no-nitrate
1/2 C Dried berries, no sugar added (ex. blueberries, cherries, cranberries, raisins, currants)
1 tsp Macadamia oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
OPTIONAL Pinch of chilli powder


MIX oil, salt and pepper, and spices in a small bowl.

ADD nuts and coat with spice mixture.

ADD nuts to hot pan and gently fry for 1-3 minutes, shaking pan to cook nuts evenly.

REMOVE nuts from heat, add back to oily bowl and allow to cool.

USING clean garden secateurs, cut biltong/jerky into small, 1 cm wide pieces.

ADD cut meat and berries to the nuts. Shake bowl and mix.

Makes approximately 2 Cups of mix. Place in a airtight container; it should keep for a few days in a cool spot, or in fridge for over a week.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kikerchef says:

    I’m a huge nibbler. This is going to do it for me. I miss popcorn..
    Oh wait, I don’t. Well, sort of.


    1. ninjaneil says:

      I miss popcorn, too. And because it’s the holidays I’m going to decide to eat some when I watch The Hobbit 3D. I mean come on; I gotta have some sort of naughty snack when watching a cool movie during my holiday!


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