They are to me. Scary. And really exciting if you’re watching!  But scary if it’s you competing. This is the first time for me. I’ve been avoiding competition for 28 years (I was a competitive swimmer until the age of 20). It makes me uncomfortable to even think about it, actually.  And this darn CrossFit is real good at placing you in an uncomfortable place. That has been my year-long struggle. Won’t get into it, I’m boring when I whine.

So, this weekend my husband and I both are competing in The Master’s Championships at Front Range CrossFit here in Denver. Tonight my coach asked if I was excited and I just stared at him. Can you just see that little scenario? Ha… I know that I’ve trained hard and I know that I can do most of the stuff they’ll throw at us. Am I afraid to fail in front of people? Look like a complete CrossFit newbie? Or get a no-rep over and over? All of these things seem irrational but they are really loud thoughts.  Rationally, though, I know I’ll be alright. I won’t die. I’ve made a life out of doing hard things. Guess it’s time to face those fears.

Oh, and I was supposed to talk about a fabulous Post-Comp treat.  Uhh… Can’t think that far into the future yet.


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  1. Jac says:

    You’ll be fantastic – worst case is you’ll learn new things and/or spend whatever prescribed amount of time attempting something you might not have done before and because you’re in the Crossfit community you’re surround by supportive and encouraging people, there is no judgement (except in your own mind).

    Check out my experience with these exact things:


    1. kikerchef says:

      Jac. Well, I did it!! Did well in a couple of the individual wods and finished strong. There were tears and smiles and my friends from the gym were there in force to support. Thanks for your words of support!


  2. ninjaneil says:

    I agree with Jac, Linda Linda. You ARE fantastic and have not only made awesome leaps in your performance that you document, you’ve also got the praise and interest from your coaches at D-Town to do this thang.

    Those butterflies you feel are a sign that you a) care about your performance, b) want to do something noteworthy, and c) have the necessary adrenalin to do something spectacular.

    Try to focus on doing YOUR event. Use the folks around you to drive you to better speed, power, etc…but don’t get distracted. Use the Nabbefeld-Kiker focus to get through and enjoy this one of many events to come.

    If it helps, I’m not too far behind. Try to be kind to me when I get there, little sister.


  3. ninjaneil says:

    …and for those who don’t know what this event is, here’s a YouTube of last years event:


  4. kikerchef says:

    Anyone else have thoughts on competing? Tips for the nerves? Let’s hear it!


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