Who doesn’t love a bit of slice on the side??

This recipe came via Bonnie Galbraith during the beginning of the Whole Life Challenge 2012. She’s an intuitive cook, which means she doesn’t record measurements. So I went into my R&D lab with my Quality Control Staff (Rob and Jacob) and nutted out a close proximity to Bonnie’s excellent recipe. I especially like the unique nutty flavour from the chestnut flour.

It’s pretty gosh-darned freaking good! Feel free to tweak this to your hearts content.

3 C Almond Meal
½ C Chestnut flour
14 Medjool Dates, pitted
½ C Coconut oil or Ghee, melted
4 Tbs Cocoa Powder, unsweetened
Dash Cinnamon, ground
1+ C Nut butter (any kind, any combo)
20x20cm baking dish


Layer 1 Base

BLITZ 4 dates in food processor.
ADD almond meal, chestnut flour, cinnamon and ¼ C coconut oil/ghee, and blitz further until dates are well mixed in.
PRESS mixture firmly into bottom of baking dish.
PLACE in freezer or fridge.

* No need to clean the food processor for the next part; any of the leftover bits will get incorporated into the topping.

Layer 3 Topping

BLITZ 10 dates in food processor.
ADD cocoa powder and 1/8 C coconut oil/ghee.
BLITZ for about 30 seconds or until it forms a mealy or pasty texture. Remove from processor, forming a loose ball of the mixture.
ROLL the topping between two pieces of baking paper until you have a consistent thickness the same size as the top of your baking dish. It’s just like clay so if you make mistakes, cut and paste until it’s the size and shape you need.


TAKE Layer 1 Base from the freezer/fridge.
SPREAD the nut butter on the base.
PUT Layer 3 Topping on top of the whole shebang.
PLACE your newly constructed slice in the freezer/fridge until it’s set.

Suggestion: Cut small slices of this for your guests. It’s very rich and goes great with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Adapted with respect from Bonnie Galbraith, Perth WA…Thanks Bonnie!


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