PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… If you insist on buying food in cans, bottles and other packages, read the freaking labels.

That includes asking questions of restaurants and stores selling prepared food. In addition, don’t depend on the ‘headlines’ of the labeling to tell you what you need to know. “Fat-Free” can also mean “Extremely High Added Sugar Cuz This Tastes Horrible Otherwise”. And “Low Sugar” usually means “Lotta Chemical Crap Added To Fool You Into Thinking It’s Sweet”.

My argument is: If you wouldn’t put crap into your car’s fuel tank, then why the hell do you put crap into your body?! I promise that the recipes we promote here on 3TWO1 will be as healthy, organic and crap-free as possible.

You know we’ll bring this up again, but I kinda had to say it. I’m particularly sensitive since we’re in the early days of the 8-week Whole Life Challenge. It kinda turns you into a Food-Nazi but I’m sort of known for that anyway.

Eat well. Train hard. Have fun. Be healthy.


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